Dangeil is situated just upstream of the Fifth Cataract, 320 kilometres north of Khartoum on the eastern bank of the Nile. It is the site of an urban settlement of the Meroitic period (300 BC to 350 AD). Its extensions are indicated by large numbers of redbrick and mudbrick fragments, plaster and potsherds, which litter the surface. Archaeological exploration has uncovered a temple to Amun, an impressive structure with huge redbrick pylons. It seems to date from the 1st century AD and preserves some finely carved reliefs on the entrances and the columns of its sanctuary.

Underneath the Meroitic temple, substantial mudbrick walls were revealed which may have belonged to an earlier Napatan temple. Another testimony discovered from this period were fragments of four statues of Napatan kings which were found in the destruction debris of the Meroitic temple.

Other sites in the vicinity of Dangeil include a fortress and an extensive tumulus cemetery, both probably post-Meroitic in date.

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