Food and drinks

As customary in Sudan, drivers will also act as cooks while on tour. Food is usually a mixture of Sudanese and European style. Dinners are cooked meals including meat or fish, vegetables, pasta, rice or soup, fruit and desert and tea or coffee. Lunches are picnic style and normally include vegetables, cheese, tuna, bread and fresh fruit.

Drinks are normally water, tea and coffee as well as Karkade, a hibiscus tea, served either hot or cold. It is possible to buy soft drinks along the way and even non-alcoholic beer on occasion.

Ingredients for meals are locally sourced in markets on a daily basis – which gives you a chance to join in the shopping and haggling. The most common local dishes are fuul, which consists of mashed broad beans, the Middle East staple falafel and mutton.

Special dietary needs

Please notify us at the time of booking if you have any special dietary requirements. While we will make every effort to cater for you, we cannot guarantee that this will always be possible. 


Please note that alcohol is not available in Sudan and that it is not permitted to bring any wines or spirits on our trips.

Food and drinks

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