Money and local costs

Sudan's currency is the Sudanese Pound (SDG), equalling 100 piasters. Please note that credit cards and debit cards are not accepted in Sudan. The only certain opportunity to change money will be in Khartoum. However, as most of the services as well as meals and drinks at meal times are included, you will probably spend very little once in Sudan. Further information will be given by your tour leader.


To give tipping, baksheesh, is commonplace and customary in Sudan. However, it is always optional. Do not feel pressured to tip any particular service and any particular amount! The salaries of our logistics staff are above average – paying fair wages is an integral part of our pricing policy. Still, there is a steep divide in the level of affluence between international tourists and local staff, or almost all other Sudanese. If you enjoyed the tour or any particular service provided, you may express this with a tip reflecting your personal budget.

Money, costs and tipping

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Money, costs and tipping

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