Naga is situated about 110 kilometres northeast of Khartoum and 30 kilometres east of the Nile, on the banks of Wadi Awateib which formed a major trade route in antiquity. Naga houses some of best preserved relics of the Meroitic period (300 BC to 350 AD).

The centre of the site is marked by the temple of Amun which is approached through an impressive avenue of ram statues. The temple was built under the Meroitic king Natakamani in the early first century AD and still preserves part of its relief decor­ation which shows the king and his family venerating the god.

The nearby temple, dedicated to the lion-headed god Apedemak, is even better preserved. Also built under Natak­amani, it has some extraordinary decoration showing larger than life-sized images of the royal couple approaching rows of gods and goddesses. The unique building in front of the temple is thought to be a Hathor chapel. Commonly known as the 'kiosk', it unites Egyptian and Roman architectural and decorative elements.

In 2011, Naga was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the serial property "Island of Meroe".

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