Jebel Dosha

Jebel Dosha is a very picturesque sandstone promontory right beside the Nile, on the western river bank between Soleb and Sedeinga. It features a rock-cut chapel of Pharaoh Thutmose III (c. 1480–1425 BC) as well as several rock inscriptions of New Kingdom date.

The chapel, which overlooks the Nile, consists of two rooms. Its fine relief decoration, which includes a scene of Thutmose III making an offering to the deified Middle Kingdom Pharaoh Senwosret III, is mostly lost. The rock-cut cult statue in the back wall of the second room is also largely disfigured. It represents three seated figures, probably Thutmose III seated between Amun and another deity.

In the early Ramesside period, several rock inscriptions were added to the site. The most important ones were commissioned by the Viceroy of Kush Amenemipet. One of them shows King Seti I (c. 1290–1280 BC) making an offering to Khnum, Satis and Anuket. These deities also appear in some of the other inscriptions. While they are primarily associated with the First Nile Cataract at Aswan, they are also commonly venerated in Nubia – as Jebel Dosha demonstrates.

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