Small-group travel

Small-group travel is not large-group travel scaled down. It is modeled on independent travel, but with the advantage of a group leader who will take care of the itinerary and all kinds of everyday business. In Sudan, individual travelling is very difficult and it can sometimes prove almost impossible to get even to the major sights. All our tours are led by renowned archaeologists with longstanding  experience of working in Sudan. As our tours are operated in conjunction with our exclusive local partners, we can guarantee that you will not be travelling with other tourist groups.

Tours are based on a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 11 travellers. If there are only 2 to 4 travellers for any given departure we can still run the tour, but an extra supplement will be charged. We seat a maximum of 2 passengers in a car along with the driver and guide, and a maximum of 3 passengers in a car when they are travelling with the driver only.

Private tours

All our published tours, complete with one of our specialist tour leaders, can also be booked by individual travellers or by any number of persons travelling together as a family, group of friends or travel companions. These private journeys do not only have the advantage of being more flexible with regard to sightseeing and adapting the itinerary to your personal wishes, but they also have the benefit of being a guaranteed departure.

Costs are calculated based on the number and occupancy of cars in operation on the trip. Generally we seat a maximum of 2 passengers in a car along with the driver and guide, and a maximum of 3 passengers in a car when they are travelling with the driver only. We can make an exception if the booking party expressly wishes to arrange for a higher occupancy and can accommodate 4 passangers plus the driver with a maximum of 3 people travelling in the back seats.

Please complete the online reservation form, indicating the tour and one or several travel dates of your choice. We will then contact you to discuss and finalise your arrangements.


Tailor-made trips

Discover Sudan! also offers the option to design a personalised itinerary according to your interests. Working to your proposed budget, we will arrange a customised tour matching your wishes – be it a 3-week special holiday or a condensed 5-day trip to the major attractions with one of our specialists as your private tour leader.

Our tailor-made tours give you the chance to explore the cultural sights and the wilderness of the desert completely for yourself and at your own pace. Our logistical facilities and exceptional inside knowledge make Discover Sudan! the ideal partner to plan your trip.

We also design and lead tailor-made tours for business people who have limited free time in Sudan. Contact us with your ideas, or simply tell us your needs – and we will be happy to create a unique travel experience for you.

Underlining the importance we attach to personal service and advanced preparation, we offer private consultations in the planning phase of your trip. This ensures that we get a comprehensive understanding of what our clients are looking for, and that our clients gain a much better understanding of who we are. 


Self-guided tours

If you prefer to travel self-guided in order to explore the sights and places on your own, we offer the unique option to do any of the published trips or your tailor-made tour in the company of a Sudanese tour manager only. In this case we will provide detailed trip notes on the itinerary and all the planned stops and sites. Contact us and we will develop the optimum arrangement for you.


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