Local conditions 

Travelling in Sudan requires understanding that standards won't be as they are at home. While we aim to make your trip as comfortable as possible, please be aware that we visit sites and regions that may have very little infrastructure. We aim to make your trip run smoothly, but a journey through the desert cannot be planned exactly and there may be times when we need to ask for your patience while we rectify any problems. This also applies to swaps or small deviations in the itinerary. Keeping an open mind and coping with unforeseeable circumstances is part of the experience of travelling off the beaten track.


All our tours involve off-road driving over long distances and are undertaken in 4-WD cars. Please note that we seat a maximum of 3 passengers in one car: two in the back, one in the front, apart from the driver. We employ experienced drivers, and we guarantee maximum safety, including operational seat belts in all seats.

With more than 2000 km per 14-day trip, demands on the cars are high. We are sure that you will appreciate short daily stops to allow our drivers to check the  vehicles. Looking after the cars and the equipment and, if necessary, seeing to small repairs along the way is an intrinsic part of travelling in Sudan, and is accounted for in all our itineraries.


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