Travelling with children


A word from Claudia Näser, founder and executive director of Discover Sudan!

Sudan may not be a prime destination for holidays with smaller children. All trips involve long drives, and there is no child-oriented infrastructure. A real downside is that the archaeological monuments must not be used as adventure playgrounds: climbing on the walls is strictly forbidden, tempting as it may be.

On the other hand, travelling with kids is also very rewarding, as it gives you the unique chance to experience the warm and welcoming attitude the Sudanese have towards children. If you think of Sudan as a patriarchal society, you will be surprised to find it much more open and inclusive towards families and children than possibly your own society. All Sudanese men are fathers or brothers – and they appreciate travellers bringing along their families. 

So far, I have worked and travelled with my daughter in Sudan two times, when she was 6 and 7 years old. When you know where to go and how to travel, potential health risks can be widely eliminated. If you contemplate a tour to Sudan with your family, we are happy to assist you to make it a positive and memorable experience for all of you!

Travelling with Children

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